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Doctoral schools


UKRGEOPOL is very pleased to announce call for
2nd Doctoral School in Urban Geopolitics:

to be held in Dnipro (Ukraine)


with a package of activities, including:

Doctoral School on “Cities and Identities on the Geopolitical Fault-Line” (30 June 2020)

Attendance at the “Cities & Nationalism Symposium 2.0: Comparing

Conflict across Geopolitical Fault-lines” (1-2 July 2020)

Participation in field trip to Mariupol (3-4 July 2020)


Dear doctoral school participants,

we decided to postpone the 2nd Doctoral School in Urban Geopolitics and Cities & Nationalism Symposium and fieldtrip 2.0 – Comparing Conflicts Across Geopolitical Faultlines (30/6-4/7). As you know, the corona virus crisis has escalated dramatically. We were initially coldly counting on the crisis being over by, say, April-May, but at this point this is far from certain. As events have now been cancelled all over the world (most notably the AAG meeting in Denver, but also the RC21 meeting in Antwerp that was going to be held right after our event in Ukraine), flights cancelled, people quarantined or worse, etc., the prospects of being able to continue planning the C & N event evaporated. As if that weren't enough, Ukraine's borders are now closed and the entire country is under quarantine.
We are very sorry about this, and hope for your understanding. We have never experienced anything even close to this before.
But of course we are not giving up. Our goal is to conduct the doctoral school and workshop during the first half of October. We do not dare being more specific than so given the current circumstances, but we will get back to you as soon as we feel that we are in the position to start planning the event once more.
Needless to say, your accepted applications remain accepted, and we very much hope that you will be able to join us this fall.

Confirmed speakers at the Doctoral School:

Prof. Michael Gentile (urban and political geographer, University of Oslo)

Dr. Jonathan Rokem (human and political geographer, University of Kent)

Prof. Camillo Boano (architect and urban planner, University College London)

Dr. Sven Daniel Wolfe (urban and political geographer, University of Lausanne)

Dr. Eugenia Kuznetsova (media expert, Kyiv School of Economics) 

Confirmed speakers at the Symposium:

Prof. Jennifer Robinson (UCL)

Prof. Christian Schmid (ETH Zurich)

Dr. Sara Fregonese (University of Birmingham)

Dr. Vlad Mykhnenko (University of Oxford)

Prof. James Sidaway (National University of Singapore)

Prof. Tatyana Zhurzhenko (University of Vienna)

 Consider applying before 1 March 2020


more information...

First International Doctoral Summer School in Urban Geopolitics: 

Urban Identities, Geopolitics and Urban Policy

6-9 June 2019, Kharkiv


The Doctoral School provided an open and informal atmosphere for mutual exchange among young scientists and distinguished senior researchers, followed by a field trip to the twin cities of Kramatorsk and Slovyansk, located in the Ukrainian government-controlled area of the Donbas. There was intense, productive, interdisciplinary and international dialogue and learning at the intersection of urban identities, geopolitics and urban policy  

Opening, welcome speeches by Vice-Rector Prof. Anton V. Panteleimonov and Head of the hosting department Prof. Liudmyla Nemets



Lecture: Urban geopolitics

Dr. Sven Daniel Wolfe, University of Lausanne

Lecture: Geopolitical fault-line cities

Prof. Michael Gentile, University of Oslo


Lecture: Urban fences, Europeanness and urban identity

Prof. Kostyantyn Mezentsev, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 

Lecture: Urban identities in south-eastern Ukrainian cities: the case of Kharkiv

Prof. Oleksiy Musiyezdov, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University

Lecture: Comparing conflicts at the edges of the metropole

Prof. Taras Kuzio, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy & Johns Hopkins University

Lecture: Countering misinformation and disinformation

Dr. Evgenia Kuznetsova, Kyiv School of Economics 

Discussion of and feedback on PhD students' work with Prof. Gentile, Prof. Kuzio, Dr. Kuznetsova, Dr. Wolfe and Prof. Mezentsev

Full-day field trip to the Donbas (Kramatorsk/Sloviansk) 

Field day in Kharkiv

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