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The 33rd International Geographical Congress

21-25 August 2016 Beijing (China) hosted the 33rd International Geographical Congress

It was held under the theme "Shaping our harmonious world." We live on one earth, yet in diversified worlds of natural, economic, social and cultural variety. These diversified worlds are being transformed by globalization, while at the same time they face global climate change and are undergoing profound environmental, economic, social and cultural changes. Our worlds are also roiled with conflicts between humankind and nature, between nations, between regions, between city and countryside, and between social classes. In response to these related challenges, we need to devise harmonious approaches. We cannot reach sustainability if our diverse worlds are not harmonious. Geography aims not only to describe and explain but also to understand and coordinate our worlds. Characterized by integration and spatio-temporal differentiation studies, geography provides a unique perspective for shaping harmonious worlds.

The 2016 International Geographical Congress in Beijing, China was a forum for geographers from all over the world and from all geographic specialties to communicate their advanced knowledge, insights, viewpoints, techniques, and research results to better understand and respond to changes, coordinate conflicts, and bridge gaps in order to shape a sustainable Earth.

The 33rd IGU Congress opening ceremony was attended by some 5000 geographers from more than 100 countries. Ukrainian Geographic Society was represented at the Congress by Professor of Geography Faculy Borys Yatsenko (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv).

Professor Yukio Himiyama, Hokkaido University of Education, was unanimously elected as IGU President for the period 2016 to 2020.

The next Congress will be held in Istanbul in 2020.

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